rixelAuto - chance for cars to get smarter

However, smart onboard accessories in car industry doesn’t have to high costs they aren’t widely accessible in vehicles especially if we keep in mind that cars are supporting it since 2015. Yet today Android auto is available in 36 countries. Surprisingly not all EU countries are on that list. There are lot of vehicles out there which could act and serve much smarter. Therefore we develop rixelAuto.

Instead of just mirroring your phone to the car’s device our software offer much more. Aside of the common functions like navigation, media playing and internet services we offer security services, a full office, games and artificial intelligence based functions as well. With some accessories our device offers visual detection of traffic signals, traffic lights, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. The software helps you with prediction of other participants in the traffic. It warns you in case of too small distances or potential collision and it observes the driver’s emotions and actions to predict tiredness and other conditions that affects to the driver’s driving capability.

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